Artist in Residence

About EartHand Gleaners Artist in Residence Program

Starting late 2019, EartHand will invite a local artist to do a deep dive into our methodology of being makers without first being consumers. The invited artist/ artist team will have a current practice that overlaps with at least one of EartHand’s three core areas of focus: community engagement, environmental focus and hand-based skills development.

Residencies will be 1-3 years in length and include free participation in selected EartHand paid programs for skill-share, teaching opportunities for the EartHand community and co-planned social/maker events that build on our collective skills and interests.

It is our goal that the skills and community that an artist brings to the EartHand fold will further enrich our community knowledge and scope of reach. And, that any artist in residence with EartHand broadens their personal arts practice by a ‘looking through the lens of local’ materials-use awareness. Both a personal and maker’s relationship to nature is developed through time in the gardens EartHand tends, including a seasonal understanding of sustainable material extraction and the stewardship of those plants. EartHand is funding this program through earned revenue, providing modest stipends for the artist and our lead artist Sharon Kallis to have time together.

Stitch and Strategize: 2019/2020

A Slow Clothing Collaboration

Amy Walker of Makemobile joins Sharon Kallis, plus invited friends, colleagues and passers-by

as EartHand’s first Artist in Residence from 2019-2020. Collectively we will explore themes of  slow clothing; reciprocity; occupying/activating/living and working in public space; mending; repair; natural & sustainable materials; climate action; building relationships with each other, with the city, with passers-by and invited friends.

This residency is mobile and will unfold at  various locations.

In light of the fossil fuel, petroleum product and plastic emergencies, we are collectively interested in: 

  • Finding reasonable limits to human activities and consumer habits.
  • Finding meaning and joy in making clothing by hand and for each other.

Making, mending & contemplating clothing.

Meeting outside and in public places with the Weaving Wagon and Makemobile.

drawing, listing, planning, cutting, sewing, stitching, spinning, wearing & repairing.

Various interactions will be added to the calendar throughout the year, check the events page for Stitch and Strategize listings or sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.