EartHand Gleaners often has specific websites as portals for project information, please visit the websites or read the posts specific to each project under project posts

Means of Production Garden at 6th Ave and St.Catherines in Vancouver was created in 2002 by artist Oliver Kellhammer, in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), Community Arts Council of Vancouver ( CACV) and the Vancouver Park Board. Kellhammer’s original conception was to create an ‘open source’ landscape where people could experiment growing their own botanical materials for art and craft use and for the garden to be a community ‘hub’ where ongoing investigations into art and ecology would take place.

Trillium North Park  A new Vancouver Park Board greenspace adjoining the Trillium Park soccer fields near the Strathcona neighbourhood opened in 2014, the park’s perennial plantings were chosen for significance in traditional hand technology of First Nations People from across the province of British Columbia. Purpose-designed areas for processing plant materials include a covered harvest table and work area, shipping containers for indoor work, fenced outdoor storage and an open-air performance space…

Terroir: Urban Cloth (2014-2015) This project weaves together First Nation gathering traditions, early settler agricultural methods and contemporary environmental art practices and  dance, through shared investigations for urban cloth production.

Aberthau: Flax+Food= Fibre (2013-2014) A teaching garden led by artists. Here, we explored fibre and food issues informally through music, dance, games, art and craft. Traditional wheat weaving, flax to linen processing and building celebrational work events were the focus of the project.

EartHand events also often  overlap and build into the events ongoing work at the Means of Production Garden

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