2016: From Soil To Sky

Our main project in 2016 involved working with community members to answer the question: How we could make kites using only what we found in our backyards and city parks? Then taking what we learned to the larger community at various festivals. Here is the short video documentation of the work.

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November 2016: Our Final Celebration, the very last Soil to Sky event! Also a proud part of Vancouver Moving Theatre’s amazing Heart of the City Festival


August 2016: The Work Continues!

Soil to Sky 2 Poster only
Soil to Sky 2 Map side only

June 2016:

We are thrilled to announce that our Spring research labs for making kites using only local plants/resources has received funding from BC Arts Council (Arts-Based Community Development) to continue with the public this fall sharing what was learned- so watch for us at Fall Harvest celebrations and Culture Days events!

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The work  made is on display at the Roundhouse Community Centre in the WINDOW gallery this summer and the storyboard below describes our process and who was involved. More photos are online on flickr here.