Our Fibre Shed

California-based artist Rebecca Burgess coined the term Fibre Shed over a decade ago as a way to consider how our clothing can be locally grown, produced, designed and made. Similar to a water shed – think of a 150 mile radius for knowing your own local fibre-support system. This has grown to an international movement!

EartHand has always been about connecting local makers to local materials here in our urban setting. A Fibre Shed cannot exist without relationships of mutual respect and support. Respect for the land, the plants and animals, the stewards, farmers and numerous skill holders that participate in creating a functioning Fibre Shed.

In Vancouver BC: Beyond the public parks where we grow materials for use and the Russell farm, EartHand also partners with Stanley Park Ecology Society for access to invasive species from the park, and we assist others in creating their own access to materials.

In Nelson BC: We are just beginning to build relationships to the people and the plants in this region and look forward to expanding beyond the back yards that are currently our foraging fodder.

Bluebell eating kale at the Russell farm

Barnston Island Wool

a virtual visit to the farm here

Means of Production Garden in the Spring

Means of Production Garden

more about the garden here

Spring lupins at Trillium Park North

Trillium Park North

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