Video Resources

EartHand has a YouTube channel!

Long before EartHand Gleaners Society as an organization existed,  we were working  as individuals with various  project partners on the  creative research that led to EartHand being formed.

The following are various videos created ( before or after EartHand came into being) to share the projects and  plant processing methods, enjoy!

Wild Fibres: 2020

The Land and Sea Project: 2017-2019

Chapter 1- Sharon Kallis project intro and flax for linen

Chapter 2- Rebecca Graham and fish leather

Chapter 3 – Rosemary Georgeson reflections on fishing traditions

Chapter 4 – Carmen Rosen A salmon stream in the city

Chapter 5 – Shaun Strobel, fishing,  labour and technology

Chapter 6-  Wild Salmon Caravan

Chapter 7- Butch and Alley Sakiyama, family netmaking traditions

Chapter 8 – Land Grab? Protocols in foraging conversation

Chapter 9 – mid project reflections with Rebecca Graham

Chapter 10 – preparation for spinning walks

Chapter 11 – Senaqwila Wyss, Place seasons and settlements

Chapter 12 – Nicole Preissl, Walking through a lost water shed

Chapter 13 – Christie lee Charles, walking through village sites

Chapter 14 -Tracy Williams, Water, land and teachings

Chapter 15 – Final celebration in West Vancouver

Epilogue: The salmon leather and waxed cotton coracle

Weaving our Local Fibre Shed- starting the new garden at Trillium

Making the Weaving Wagon 2017

Soil to Sky: kite making project 2016

Urban Cloth Project 2015

Buzzscaping: 2015

Aberthau Year 2: growing creative-use crops 2014

Urban Weaver Studio Year 2: Happenings in a park field-house turned creative community space 2014

Aberthau: Flax=Food+Fibre Integrating seasonal agricultural rhythms with contemporary dance and  local fibre production 2013

Urban Weaver Studio: research into invasive plant species as replacements for traditional weaving materials 2013

English Ivy- Uses for weaving, useful demo for vine splitting

Himalayan Blackberry- how to harvest and process skin for weaving

Yellow Flag Iris-  how to harvest and weaving uses

Dancing the ScotchBroom- a playful experiment in plant-for-fibre processing