Means Of Production Garden

East 6th and St Catherines in Vancouver British Columbia,
unceded traditional territories for Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-waututh People

Welcome to the Garden

Located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, Means of Production (MOP) Garden was created in 2002 by artist Oliver Kellhammer, in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) and the Vancouver Parks Board. Kellhammer’s original conception was to create an ‘open source’ landscape where people could experiment growing their own botanical materials for art and craft use and for the garden to be a community ‘hub’ where ongoing investigations into art and ecology would take place.

Managed by EartHand Gleaners Society, we collectively work to further MOP’s original mandate as a platform for community environmental art engagement.
MOP engages an urban community of local residents, visual artists, environmentalists, crafters  and performers in creating art through a living and productive landscape. The garden informs the seasonal work flow for the types of workshops we offer as well as when they happen based on land tending schedule. The garden becomes active studio, lab, performance space, social setting; with artists and public co-producing site-specific artworks and events. Inspired by, and honoring the original intent of MOP as a working garden for artists and members of the surrounding community. The variety of collaborations undertaken ignites community passion and nurtures a participant’s involvement.

the plants are both teachers and collaborators

This mature garden grows a variety of plants for dye, fibre, woodworking, basketry and more. Native, introduced and unusual plants not usually seen together happily cohabit on this steep north-facing hillside. Rewilded areas and a food forest for community grazing add to the learning opportunities for land tending as well as give opportunities for materials like fruit woods for project use.

Community Stewards

A wonderful group of individuals help us tend the garden, keep your eye out for stewardship volunteer opportunities on our events calendar, and sign up for the newsletter to get involved.

When you visit the garden:

Please note that the garden is situated on a steep slope. Wear solid shoes, closed toe footwear is necessary for work sessions. Public washrooms in neighbouring China Creek Park are in construction as of December 2020.