June 14th invitation

Please join us at Trillium North on Sunday from 4.30-6.30  for our final celebration of the  Urban Cloth Project, as well as our spring weaving projects that are complete! The site is looking good….

Terroir: New Project Website Launched

Terroir events will still get posted here, but keep an eye on this new site for the research details of the  cloth processing discoveries. We have a new bed  at Trillium North where we will grow flax for  our Urban Cloth as well as working at MOP and at the Hastings Urban Farm.

Announcing the 2014 project: Terroir

Happy to announce our first phase of funding for Terroir, our  Urban Cloth was successful!… slated to begin in mid April 2014, we are still grantwriting for the rest of the project. So, Terroir; what does this mean? Terroir “a sense of place,” is the sum of the effects that local environment; geography, geology and…