Small groups are meeting on site for stewardship and skill-share, maintaining social distancing practices when allowed by Provincial guidelines. Take a look at our events listing and do note all of the online activities including posts that offer online tutorials.

Our usual haunts:
MacLean Park Fieldhouse, 710 Keefer St. @ Heatley, Strathcona
Trillium North Park,  Malkin @ Thornton in Strathcona (Official Trillium Park address 600 National Avenue, but we’re on the north side of the park at the mural-painted shipping containers)
Means of Production Garden, E 6th Ave & St Catherines St, Mount Pleasant

As with all of our paid programs, revenue generated helps with our stewardship and artists’ projects  for maintaining our two garden sites at Means of Production and Trillium North Park. Participating in our programs supports these beloved community spaces and our local artists that share their knowledge with us. Thanks for your support!

Please visit our EartHand credits page to become familiar with the credits system, credits are required with all paid programs.


  1. sharonkallis says:

    Anastasia! Lovely to hear from you and sorry i missed this. No general fee, right now we have paid classes and shall have drop in again this summer. Do u get in to van. Ever?

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