Weaving Wagon

Amber flicks to red, four lanes of rush hour traffic impatiently idle in the dust haze as the bikes and pedestrians cross. Pulling across the intersection is a person on a long green bike with a … what is that? a gypsy caravan? Look at those flags fluttering off the back! Are those leaves sticking out of the top?
This is the Weaving Wagon, EartHand’s pop-up studio and pick-up truck. Inside there’ll be a strange collection of archaic tools, some fascinating hand-made objects, some books and references, and probably some large bundles of sticks, vines, leaves or animal fleece.
When the Weaving Wagon arrives at its destination, the person will flip down the side panels, open the back, haul out the equipment and set out the collections and references, getting ready to amaze an audience — a group of preschoolers? a crowd of tourists and revellers? — with ancient ways of being and doing, and the lessons and creative fulfillment we can find in them.

If you’d like the Weaving Wagon to make an appearance at your event, get in touch with us through the contact form. Rates start at $200, depending on activity, length of time, and travel distance from East Van.

The short video about the making of the weaving wagon can be found  here .

Thanks to our funders for supporting the making of the Weaving Wagon:

and our community partnering businesses that helped make the wagon awesome:

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