Our Mission

EartHand Gleaners Society uses a community-engaged model for creating environmental art programs with opportunities for research, skill development and skill sharing. Our projects foster multicultural, interdisciplinary collaboration among community members and professionals in the fields of education, sciences and the arts.

We model how to “Be a Producer without first being a Consumer”: to be outdoors working with others, hands in the soil; and being aware of, and depending on, interconnected relationships with the land, other people, and plants. By working with the plants around us using ancestral skills that link all cultures, we inspire participants to discover cultural connections, learn new skills, and see raw materials for creative practices in the world around them, including up-purposed seasonal greenwaste, invasive plants, and textile waste.

We aim to strengthen intercultural connections and relationships to place, and find meaningful ways to acknowledge our Host Nations. Respectful collaboration is the core of our practice