like heritage days at an ‘old timey village’…

recent musings by Sharon from the Trillium North park buzzscaping residency.

Trillium North Park

The last few weeks has found us working with both a class group of grade 6/7’s and an after school group. Doing various activities in the park or classroom such as rope making, splitting  cedar for   shakes, carding wool and spinning,  cutting and bending bamboo for joining,

and general weaving  all towards making a pollinator house for bumble bees and mason bees with the skills we are sharing.

Yesterday, after David  taught a group of kids how to split cedar into shakes with a froe and beetle, and I pulled some  young ones over to learn about wool and carding ( one of the after-school minders said,  this is real wool? like- not polyester?) I had a moment of realizing we are essentially building  an old school village in a very urban environment- I used to go to such places on field trips as a kid with school- everyone dressed…

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