Weaving Bird Habitat- weavers wanted!

Community Research Labs Just Announced:

In partnership with Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES)  this project brings together members from a stewardship group already working at Stanley Park and  folks with some weaving experience to up-cycle invasive plants.

In part 1, weavers work with Sharon Kallis to  harvest and begin processing and experimenting with various techniques including melon baskets,  twining and coiling forms as “roughs’ that can be used in part 2.

In part 2 in July, weavers will assist to teach core weaving skills to current SPES volunteers and collectively  we will make prototypes for the kinds of nests that could in future be made as a community  project.

  • What species  can we support?
  • What are specific nesting requirements?

These are the questions our  SPES stewards will  assist with and together we will brainstorm species whose habitat we can support,  and weave structures that fit housing requirements.

 for  part 1 or 2 REGISTER HERE

PART 1 – participants with weaving experience preferred

In Stanley Park* Weavers of all ability shall work together harvesting targeted invasive plants, then explore various weaving methods to create basic forms that will be used in collaboration with Stanley Park Ecology Society Stewardship Group.  Free, registration required  * meet at SPES Pavilion by 9.50 to fill out a volunteer form if this is your first time volunteering with SPES.

  •         Harvest and Weaving Sat & Sun 10am-12noon

May 14 English ivy

May 28 Flag iris/holly

June 26 Blackberry


  •         Design Lab and Construction- July 8,9, 10, 3 sessions

3 day collaboration between weavers and stewards for brainstorming, sharing research and constructing prototype bird houses.

Fri 6-9pm July 8 Stanley Park potluck, meet and greet and introduction to design parameters

Sat & Sun 10-3.30 July 9 & 10   Trillium North Park weaving and construction both dates

free,  participation for 3 dates is requested, link for registration above.1-Root_River16

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