February Hide Tanning Circle

Accepting and using animal hides, bone and other parts is a keystone of ancestral life ways from all over the world. EartHand Gleaners Society is mainly ‘vegetarian’ in our materials, but as we move deeper into our relationship with the land, ancestral skills, and with First Nations, we recognize the importance of knowing more about working with these gifts from the animal kingdom.

We invite you to join us at Trillium North Park for a day of learning and sharing about hide tanning. We’ll have the benefit of an experienced tanner sharing her samples, documentation, and experience; and a couple skins to work together on to practice different methods. We won’t have a finished product that day due to tanning processes generally being multi-day events, but we may be able to distribute samples later.

Please bring a knife, an apron or muck clothes, and your lunch. Dress for the weather, with layers, as tanning can be very physical work. 

We’ll be working outside under cover, with a heated space and hot tea for warming up. Snacks for sharing are always welcome!

12-4 Saturday, February 18 (4hrs)

Trillium North Park, Malkin & Thornton, Vancouver


Register HERE


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