FORAGE: A Seasonal Fibre Series

Second Saturday of the Month, March through October 2017

Eight opportunities for gathering, learning, and making in tune with the land. Each session will be a profile of a different local fibre, including how to harvest and prepare it and ways to work with it. We’ll explore different traditional hand skills that are the foundation of many weaving techniques.

Sponsored by Vancouver Park Board: Arts Culture and Engagement Dept.

Offered in partnership with Stanley Park Ecology Society and Environmental Youth Alliance.

MARCH: ivy/split @ Stanley Park

APRIL: flag iris/twine @ Stanley Park

MAY: wool/spin @ Trillium North Park
** UPDATE! 10am-12pm will be washing raw wool fleece, fibre prep & spinning for people with tickets (get tickets at the link below!)
12 noon til 3 we’ll be joined by fluffy neighbourhood dogs and other urban animal fibres for an urban fibre shed Spinneree!

JUNE: blackberry/braid @ Stanley Park

JULY: straw/coil @ Trillium North Park

AUGUST: flax/break @ Trillium North Park

SEPTEMBER: nettle/knot@Trillium North Park

OCTOBER: daylily/twist @ Means of Production Garden

FREE monthly program, but pre-registration required, tickets released 6 weeks before program date.

Register on EVENTBRITE

PLEASE have respect for others, do not sign up for a program and not show up.


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