Linen Growers Club 2017

Linen Growers Club

First Tuesday of the month from March through September, 6-8pm

Register online through Homestead Junction

Do you have an interest in gardening or textiles? EartHand Gleaners Society is thrilled to partner with Homestead Junction for the Linen Growers Club. A chance to grow your own small flax crop for linen, learn how to spin with a drop spindle, have support through the process and share results with others in the group.

Meeting once a month, we will cover spinning, soil preparation, sowing, weeding, harvest and how to process the flax straw into linen. Flax for linen is an easy-to-grow crop requiring full sun and 100 days from seed to harvest.  Soil, water, light, microclimate and processing all affect the quality and feel of the resulting linen. The club will do a “fibre sample swap” at the end, giving everyone a sample book of 2017 linen.

First four sessions include seasonal instructions for the month ahead and spinning time. The final three sessions take participants through the process of harvest, retting, rippling, breaking, scutching and hackling at Trillium Park’s demo crop and outdoor studio.

Cost includes seeds, a drop spindle, local linen fibre and Taproot Nova Scotia’s fibre for workshop spinning and access to equipment at processing times.

Seeds provided for a plot size up to 16 ft sq per person.

A final open studio day allows additional processing time at the end of season.

Additional  processing day: Saturday 9 September 12-4pm @ Trillium North Park


March 7 @ Homestead Junction 649 E. Hastings St, Vancouver

April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, Aug 1, Sept 5 & 9@ Trillium North Park– corner of Malkin and Thornton Street, Vancouver

About the Instructors: Rebecca Graham and Sharon Kallis have been growing linen in small Vancouver plots or larger out-of-city places since 2013, and have lots to share about growing a successful fibre crop. This is the first time they have offered a grow-along workshop and participants will have the opportunity to learn with each other in this friendly and supportive club. Visit for more information about their projects

Fee: 195.00

REGISTER through Homestead Junction

Limited space, early registration encouraged!