Fibre Blending Research Guild – FULL

from the wild and woolly to the tamed or grown

6 sessions, Mondays 6:30-9pm
October 16-November 20
@ Maclean Park Fieldhouse, 710 Keefer St, Vancouver
$125 Sorry, class filled!
Max 10

Looking at clothing labels often shows that our contemporary clothes are blends of various fibres. And, we have likely been wearing blended fibre combinations as long as we have been weaving cloth!
This 6 session program allows the group to work collectively and independently exploring different blends and trying different spinning styles. The first 2 sessions focus on tool use, including wool carders and drop spindles, understanding staple lengths, opening  wool locks, and carding or combing fibres.  The  following 4 sessions provide time and materials to explore wild fibres such as  nettle, bog cotton, milkweed, fireweed, different wools, dog hair, angora, linen tow and cotton — some silk and other luxury surprise fibres may make an appearance.
This class is a good start for beginners, but those with basic drop spindling understanding will  find this program of great use to build spinning dexterity and explore unique colour and fibre combinations for weaving (basketry or cloth), knitting and other textile projects. Those with their own wool or  linen from previous programs are welcome to bring fibres for personal use.

All class materials and tool use included;
Additional drop spindles will be available for purchase for use outside of class time

Instructor: Sharon Kallis