Walk for Reconciliation

Thank you everyone for being a part of the day on September 24.
What a time!
It was such pleasure to have our team representing EartHand and our Land & Sea project … there were so many good conversations over the course of the afternoon, so many people were touched by what we are up to. To be able to represent ourselves so well at an event like the Walk for Reconciliation was too profound for me to feel I can adequately express…. but thank you!

And thanks also to you for sharing with us what this work means to you — you keep us going:

I’ve never felt so proud in my life as I did yesterday with a name tag that said “Community Skill Holder”. If I am a skill holder it’s because you have made me one and I feel so honoured! My heart jumps when I get to do this work connecting deeply with plants-land-people-skills. I had great conversations with different people yesterday as we discovered together the best way to pound stinging nettle. I enjoyed so much the process and the sharing.