Natural Dyers’ Cooperative Garden 2018

March- August, see dates below
Means of Production Garden/ Trillium North Park
Max 9

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Means of the Production Garden in Mount Pleasant becomes the site for research, work and crop share for a small group of dedicated individuals interested in building community while growing and tending natural dye plants.

Over six months together we will plant, tend and harvest various plants at MOP for shared use and  equal division. Participants agree to attend a minimum of 10 of the 15 offered work dates as well as the site orientation and to work in a collaborative and cooperative way within the small group. Monthly studio sessions at Trillium North Park allow time for prepping our fibres and cooking up seasonal dye baths. Cost includes an unprocessed  fleece and sample yardage of silk, merino knit and linen for swatches. An incredibly successful program in 2017, more studio sessions and material for dying has been added to this year’s program

Lead and Host: Sharon Kallis

Orientation: Sunday March 11 3-5pm

Work Dates:

2nd Sundays* April-July  2nd Wednesdays and 3rd Thursdays:  April-August
Sunday 3-5pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Thursday 6-8pm

Studio Dye Dates at Trillium North Park from April to August
April 29, May 27, June 24, July 15, Aug 26

*May Date is May 6 not 13th

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