Spinners Walking Club: Seawall & Shoreline

5 Sessions, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
June 20-July 4 and Aug. 15-22
Locations to meet TBA

These 5 free walking sessions are opportunities to come together as a group of drop spinners and practice the communal meditation of walking and spinning, listening and talking. Each week, a new 2km part of the seawall will be explored and mapped both by our feet and the lengths of spun yarn we produce. Recording the collective number of meters (or fathoms) of spun line will be an interesting metric to measure against the 2 km of walked distance. How much can we spin on average when our feet are in the water walking the shore line versus on a seawall path?  With 2 hours allotted to walk a 2 km stretch, we will skein and measure our meters of line from our drop spindles. A way to practice our walking/spinning skills, while getting to know local areas in a slowed down more intimate way- and devising quirky ways of measuring  production and distance…. spun line by the fathom.

Bring your own drop spindle and fibre, or spin fibre for EartHand projects. Drop Spindles to borrow by prior request. Not a spinner but want to participate? Meet 15 minutes early and learn how to make cordage on the journey, and assist with measuring, making music, telling stories and more.

A part of the Land & Sea Project.

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