Wayfinding 2018: Fibre and Dye

Artists Nicola Hodges and Anna Heywood-Jones will lead a series of research-based walking tours, alongside youth collaborators, throughout the course of the upcoming growing season. Traveling the path between EartHand Gleaners Society’s two sites, Trillium North Park and Means of Production Garden, each walk will focus on identifying plants growing along the route, learning through tactile engagement and intervening in the land by creating ephemeral woven and dyed textile wayfinding markers. We will collectively study this rapidly changing neighbourhood from the perspective of a fibreshed, acknowledging cultural landmarks alongside plant presence. Our accumulated observations will be used to create a series of maps that chart the complex history of the area, highlighting the voices of youth in the research and discovery process.

Planned  research walks with youth are scheduled as follows:

July 3, July 19, 30, August 14, 19, 28, September 8 October 7, 21

Sept 8th –
October 7th –
October 21st –

Stay tuned for updates about this project and if you know youth that would like to get involved email us at earthandgleaners(at)gmail.com.

This youth-oriented art project is a part of:

False Creek Fibre Shed: Walking, Weaving and Wayfinding

Three youth artists, Veronica Waechter (Gitxsan), Nicole Preissl (Skwxwú7mesh, Stό:lō) and Nicola Hodges (Scottish descent),  and Anna Heywood-Jones join EartHand’s existing team of artists to research the walking route between the two public parks that EartHand manages for art crops, creating seasonal and thematic maps for walking tours that address the layers of geology, social history and story of the area, as well as considering the current landscape from the perspective of natural dyes, weaving materials, and fibre plants.

EartHand gratefully acknowledges the support of BC Art Council Youth Innovations program to make this  work possible.