Land & Sea: Horizons

After a year of shared conversations and experiences of nettle, flax, nets, fish leather, and what it means to be living and striving for connection in the lands of the Salish Peoples, we launch into the final  investigations and celebration of the work we have done. Coming together, we have broadened our understanding of traditions in fish leather and netmaking – our shared coastal connections – and moved a little bit further toward understanding and honouring the link between sustainability and decolonization.

All of these various threads — when tied together —  build a larger, stronger social net of skill holders with a shared understanding of material processes, material access and conversations about this place. Methods of reciprocity with our environment stay at the forefront while ongoing public engagement seeds the work back into key communities and to the general public.

Final events leading up to the Local Threads Exhibition:

Shoreline Walks: measuring labour to land: Out of our seats from circles, we walk, talk and explore the urban shoreline in guided making/walks. Twine becomes part of interactive net-making for the Local Threads exhibition; audio recordings of walk leaders sharing stories and perspectives become soundpiece and oral history of the area. Guest Host Nation walk leaders coordinated by Kamala Todd.

June 27, July 4, August 15, 22

Net Work: Net-making research sessions work toward fluency with the net needle while producing as large a net as possible; exploring sculptural possibilities of floats, weights. This programming is free with the hope that participants will volunteer their time as community skill holders on Saturday Sept 29 at the ‘Plants to Net Event’ at the Roundhouse, part of the Local Threads Exhibition
Email earthandgleaners at gmail dot com to express your interest in becoming a community skill holder — take a leap, “perfection is the stick used to beat the possible” ~ Rebecca Solnit

July 10, 18, August 14,  6-9pm at Trillium North Park;
Roundhouse Local Threads exhibition ‘Plants to Net’ event 12:30-4pm Saturday Sept 29


Other Events (invitation only) August: Fish Leather and Nettle fibre workshops are unfolding with our project community partners, sharing what has been learned with various communities.

See LOCAL THREADS for interactive events and workshops at the Roundhouse during the exhibition

The Land & Sea Project has been made possible by funding from BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver Cultural Services, and Vancouver Park Board

Thanks to our Community Partners Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fisheries and Skwachays Lodge