Material to Maker Matchmaking

10-11:30 Saturday 29 September @ Roundhouse Community Centre

A “speed dating” session for Vancouver makers to meet gardeners with plantings and green waste that could be up-purposed for creative use.

Are you a maker that could help in a garden and/or up-cycle another’s greenwaste? Do you have a garden that produces materials you think might be useful and can give away? Meet others with similar interests and build our city’s fibre shed for creative production!

For dyes: dahlias, marigolds, dark hollyhocks, coreopsis, pansies, tansy, goldenrod…
For weaving: yucca, ivy, day lily, New Zealand flax, fruit tree suckers, willows, bamboo, hazelnut…

Makers: feel free to bring a small sample of your work to help show what you do

Gardeners: feel free to bring photos of your garden, and a list of what you have growing and when it is usually finished in the garden.

To get the most of this event, bring a pen and notebook cards with contact info to hand out. We may attempt to organize individuals by location in city, but ‘dates’ will only be 2-5 minutes in length, so be prepared to speak succinctly about what you grow or make.

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