Seasonal Fibre Research Guilds 2019

Once a month, these groups will come together for seasonal based harvest and processing inquiry and to share a meal. Collectively we will work between both MOP and Trillium, stewarding, harvesting and processing. Members divide the days’ processed materials for personal work, bringing their own ideas, experience and plants they want to share and explore together. Fibre-focus will be towards fibres for spinning and basketry materials and include research into various methods of retting, cooking and pounding  fibres. It is anticipated that this group will embark on interesting and unforeseen tangents beyond the discovery and investigation starting points outlined by Lead and Host Sharon Kallis in the descriptions below.

Participants may register for all three Guilds, or for just one or two Seasonal Guilds, as suits their schedule.


REGISTER for ALL THREE GUILDS together on PayPal

SPRING GUILD – Saturdays 10am-4pm March 9, April 13, May 4 – includes planting flax, Barnston Island *for fleece, willow and other barks. The cost of this guild includes sharing a fleece from the shearing taking place that day. Registration does not include travel to Barnston Island (45 minutes east on the highway), the group can plan this day trip at first meeting.


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SUMMER GUILD – Saturdays 10am-4pm June 8, July 13, August 10 – includes various vines, primrose stalks, blackberry canes, wood ash research, harvesting and retting flax


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AUTUMN GUILD – Saturdays 10am-4pm September 14, October 12, November 9 – includes processing nettle, flax, milkweed, fireweed, dogbane


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