Wayfinding: Brewery Creek

Brunswick St @ Great Northern Way

In the long ago there was a very large, steeply-dropping creek here, full of salmon and trout, probably with medicinal and food plants all through the understory, and fibre plants like tule and cattail at the mouth, in the estuary.

Here are a couple articles about the history:



Right on the southeast corner of the intersection of Brunswick and Great Northern Way you’ll find references to the grounded creek, including art and names embedded in the sidewalk, and plantings of native vegetation: mahonia, salal, and ferns, among others. mahonia and salal berries are food, and may also be used as dyes; if you are luck to come upon a gardener who has clipped back or dug up some mahonia, the roots and branches can also yield a strong yellow. Across the street, an ornamental planting of rudbeckia may need some deadheading, yielding some more yellows.