#Treasuring Strathcona: Fall Harvest Festival

On September 21st the Strathcona Community Garden held their annual Fall Harvest Festival. It was such a lovely afternoon spent in a beautiful community space with live music, bread fresh from the cob oven, and remarkable knowledge holders found throughout the garden. We hosted an activity table where we explored natural dyeing, eco-bundling and plant rubbings.

Alex and Anna wanted to work with food and medicinal plants growing in the garden space, so they harvested leaves and dug through the compost heap to find source plants. These included: sunflower, goldenrod, rosemary, butternut, apple, paw paw, persimmon, plum and many other plants and trees.

#Treasuring Strathcona will be a part of Strathcona Community Centre’s Artist Share series this Thursday (October 3) @ 3 – 6 pm. Come join us and help stitch together some of this remarkable place-making cloth.

Check out the gallery of images to see pictures of the cloth we collectively dyed and printed!