Social Distancing and EartHand

In light of the pandemic health crisis there are a few things we want you to know about what we at EartHand are doing.

Currently- all programs and in-person community events are cancelled. look for blue “online” labeled events on our calendar- those are new!

Paid program registrants will be contacted if this affects a class you have signed up for, once things resume to whatever “a new normal of functionality’ looks like do know:

~If you have signed up for a paid program and are not feeling well, we will issue a full refund up to the time of class beginning.

~ If you are in a multi-session program and unable to attend part of the program due to illness, we will do our best to meet with you and catch you up on what you missed in a personal tutorial once you are healthy.

~all of our garden gloves will be washed at the end of each session and garden tools sanitized.

~all of our activity sites have hand sanitizer available.

We encourage you to stay home if you are not feeling well, but also see a great benefit to break out of the isolation the current move towards social distancing creates by spending time working in gardens together. We will be practicing best methods for our collective social health; encouraging awareness of 1 meter ‘personal bubbles’, not sharing tools, limited or no hand to hand contact, as well as suspending the usual practice of hugs for those we know and are happy to see again.

We wish you good health and hope to see you in the garden soon.