Join Sharon Kallis and EartHand Gleaners in elevating your existing wardrobe for the remainder of 2020 for all your clothing needs and desires.

Let’s clothe ourselves and create a new culture by our choices in what we make, what we wear and what we decide or decline to purchase.

  • What garment ‘key pieces’ do you need?
  • What neglected clothing can you reclaim for that new piece?
  • After a year of solving your own clothing needs how will your personal and unique fashion style emerge?
  • What new skills will you have learned? 


Because of  Covid-19, we have paused fast-fashion and the rabid textile consumption machine. Now, let’s just hit the stop button.

Our collective Wardrobe Hack style can truly make a statement;  a shift in fashion culture, production values and in maker and consumer culture. 


Declare out loud, online or alone:

  • I promise to respect the cloth
  • To look twice, then thrice at any garment I have decided to toss
  • I will find another life for that garment beyond a donations bin
  • I will remake, re-fashion and reconsider my way through my closet to solve my garment needs for 2020
  • I will ask for help
  • I will proudly walk down the street, entirely comfortable in looking like I was dressed by a child genius
  • I will be bold, vulnerable and fearless in my fashion choices 
  • I  proudly know  my less-than-perfect  look shows that I seek change from the status quo
  • I will not go back to ’business as usual’ for ordering online, cheapest-possible, or best deal options
  • I will find skill holders to teach me and local producers to support when I do need to purchase

Ways to Participate!

Do a wardrobe sweep and see what your core pieces are.

  • Pants vs skirts or dresses? Sweaters vs button downs or t-shirts?
  • What are the comfortable core garments  that you want to emulate? 
  • Garments  bought new in the last 12 months are worth repairing for the next 12 months. Make a commitment to keep that garment functioning and get mending.

Do another wardrobe sweep to cull your closet of excess: garments not being worn sort into the following categories:

  • PATTERNS: Great fit but worn out and maybe its a pattern for something new
  • FABRIC: Lousy fit but love the colour / fabric maybe I can make something new with it
  • Knit wear: keep T-shirts/jersey  and sweaters in two different piles within the fabric and pattern categories
  • Finally, make a pile of “I never wear this because I don’t like the ___________ and could change that” (and then start making those changes)
  • Join EartHand’s online sessions to learn some basics on clothing re-makes or adventure out on your own and share your results
  • Get stitch-picking, cutting, pattern-drafting and remaking
  • Document what you start with, document your successes, document your misadventures and learning
  •  keep your scraps, you never know when those will come in handy

When Social Distancing requirements in your community end, consider hosting a making circle and a materials swap –  trade old garments for new inspiration!

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check the Events Listing for Wardrobe Hack listed events and other slow clothing tagged events and classes. and catch the virtual artists talk by Sharon discussing this project and touring her wardrobe remakes on April 21st.