What Is A Digital Garden? Artist Talk with Sarah Holloway

✿What Is a Digital Garden? ✿ Artist talk and Q & A with Sarah Holloway  

✮✮July 7th, 2020 7pm (PT)

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The language of how we describe experiences in the environment and computation are intertwined. The internet is described as water, social media as a mycelium network and navigating digital spaces as ‘surfing the web’. In turn, computational language has been used to describe the natural world. Close to home, Oliver Kellhammer described the original planting of Means of Production Garden as “an open source landscape…” In visiting artist, Sarah Holloway’s talk she will break down the term, digital garden and discuss the work of artists and critiques who explore the relationships between ecology and computation. From acoustic ecology pioneered in Vancouver during the 1970s to a memory garden for collective morning, the talk will examine how ‘new’ media has interacted with ecology and how these examples have influenced Sarah’s work growing a digital garden for Earthand.

Join us for this talk, What is a Digital Garden?, to better understand the project, Digitizing the Visceral: Making in the Spaces Between, and get an overview of the adjacent workshops being led throughout the month of July.  

Digitizing the Visceral: Making in the Spaces Between, is a project lead by Sarah Holloway. Over the course of the summer Sarah has been mapping and observing  EartHand’s two community gardens. Sarah will be growing an online garden for the community to access information on the irl gardens plants, harvests and happenings as well as community members’ ecological art practices and research-accessible from afar.