Listen While You Work…

Short cold days and long winter nights is the perfect time to get lost at home in hand projects galore. Below is a growing list of things that have inspired thoughtful listening while working on hand projects.

Favourites from our executive director Sharon Kallis:

Canadian actor and writer Dan Levy has been taking the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Awareness and Reconciliation Online course this year, and though I haven’t taken the class myself yet, I love listening to these weekly check in’s with professors Dr. Tracy Bear & Dr. Paul Gareau, and learn so much from the conversations. As guest Matthew Wildcat said in one of modules, “the craft of decolonization is an ongoing practice we need to each define for ourselves thru conversations with others.” Find all the conversations on Dan’s youtube page for this project here.

Heart of the City Festival went virtual this year! EartHand loves partnering with Vancouver Moving Theatre in some way each year for this festival, but it is always hard to make it out to all the many things that happen in the community and the FOMO is real. this year so much was virtual or recorded for sharing we get to savor the festival all winter long! Find the archived events here, and don’t miss the Earthand Guild leader roundtable dialogue This Gives us Strength: From the land to online.

The Ground Shots Podcast is an audio project exploring our relationship to ecology through conversations and storytelling. How do we do our work in the modern age, when the urgency of ecological and social collapse feels looming? How do we creatively and whole-heartedly navigate our relationships with one another and the land? Sharon was interviewed for the series and the talk can be found in episode #47

Future Ecologies is a podcast about the many ways we relate to our living planet. Every episode weaves together narrative storytelling, informative interviews, and science communication, supported by evocative soundscapes and music. Co-hosted and produced by Mendel Skulski and Adam Huggins- some of you will know Mendel as local resident and community member of Onkle Hoonkies Fabulous Horn Shop carving nights. Don’t miss the podcast with Oliver Kellhammer who started Means of Production Garden

Ologies Podcast Series: Hosted by Alie Ward, she describes the series as a comedic science podcast, asking smart people stupid questions. These are delightful to listen to while working!

Canada’s National Observer -Editor-in-Chief Linda Solomon Wood having conversations with cultural leaders and fascinating personalities on the big stories happening in our world. Some are subscriber-exclusives while others are open to the public. You can find all the talks available here as recordings.