Meet our Interns!

We are thrilled to introduce three awesome people who are joining us with support from their schools. Each intern will be learning about connecting the growing and tending of plants for creative use to workshop development, with a  focus on mapping both the garden beds and seasonal work tasks.

Rebecca Wang ( is an artist and curator based on the unceded Coast-Salish territories (otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada) and in her hometown Hangzhou, China. Primarily focusing on photography and installation, her practice investigates the absurdity ingrained in the structures that uphold the everyday which is often characterized by capitalist consumer culture. Through her work she hopes to destabilize the default ways of knowing, perceiving, and existing that disconnect one from their belongings and surroundings. Rebecca received a BBA with a joint major in Economics from Simon Fraser University in 2012 and a BFA with a minor in Curatorial Practice from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2021. As the Programming Assistant at EartHand Gleaners this year, she is assisting the mapping project at Means of Production garden and facilitation of artist residencies in the summer.

Rebecca has a paid internship supported through the Shumka Centre’s Artists Apprenticeship Network and will be working with us 150 hours over the summer and autumn months.

Sarah Holloway is a young artist completing her undergraduate degree at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in furniture design. Her work is currently focused on locality in internet creation and handicraft.

Sarah Holloway will be joining EartHand as a visiting artist this summer. She will continue working on the project she began with us last year, coding a digital garden representation of the  Means of Production Garden. Using photography, drawing, and the written word, she will document and record the plants growing in MOP and their traditional human uses. The first phase of the project, completed last summer, can be viewed at

Sarah  has support from the Rhode Island School of Design to spend the full summer focusing on completing the Digital Mapping Means of Production project she began with EartHand in the summer of 2020.

Melanie Camman is a service designer and design researcher. She is currently completing a Master’s in Design at Emily Carr, studying how decolonization and pluriversality can impact her design practice with the goal of addressing power inequities in research, exploring storytelling as a medium and fibre/weaving as a method for embedding and telling stories. Her project with Earthand Gleaners is creating maps for the two of the garden sites which will support the decentralization and agency of the volunteer/guild members in collectively determining what work is needed in the gardens and when. She spends her time in the garden growing edible and medicinal plants, tending to the worms who turn food waste into soil, chasing low tide sandbar beaches, encountering all kinds of precipitation while snowboarding the North Shore mountains or sitting in the red chair while knitting and watching superhero tv shows.

Melanie’s blog:

Melanie has support from the Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship’s Satellite program to continue work with Sharon in August and September assisting with mapping the Trillium gardens and community program development.