Guild: Our Closets Unpacked

Host: Sharon Kallis

5 virtual sessions, Saturdays 10-11:30am PST,  Mar 5 & 19, Apr 9, May 14, Jun 11

and 3 trips to Barnston Island to be coordinated  for lower mainland participants

1 flax seeding, 1 weeding, 1 harvest- visit dates TBC,( travel coordination and dates will be set at first virtual session)

For the cloth obsessed and  the clothing-making curious.

This group is for fellow textile nerds interested in making their own garments or understanding the true value of cloth. 

What are you wearing, how long have you owned it — what was its production journey — and what might it become next? 

And — What are you making, where did that cloth come from; could you yourself  weave it, knit it, spin it, dye it? How long might each step take? What might the miles of production in that commercial t-shirt be in comparison to the hours of making for a garment you could grow yourself?

Lets collectively consider which are the core garments we each can’t live without — how would you make that piece if you started from the raw fibre source? Lets dig deep into our closets; think about what we wear, what we buy, what we consume and level up our personal production game while building a better understanding of the true value of what hangs  inside our wardrobes.

What steps in clothing production do you choose to outsource — where do you need others help and what next skill development is your focus?

This group will explore finding the answers to these questions and more as we each travel on our own lines of inquiry and making- finding ways of tracking our time or measuring the global footprint of favourite garments.

Each of us will be at our own place in this journey of knowing cloth and understanding our wardrobes. Let’s support each others’ process, and move collectively towards greater cloth literacy. Come with your hand work ready to engage in conversation as we learn and inspire each other and unpack our closets together.

This is a paid guild with tiered pay-as-you-can tickets:

$108- Sponsored Placement (SP)

$131- Volunteer Supported (VS) 

$152- Community Patron (CP)

Subsidized spaces in this program are available thanks to the generous donations of EartHand community members. For more information about our pricing scale see this blog post.

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