Means of Production-on screen

We are thrilled to announce that as a part of our celebration of ‘MOP’ turning 20 this year, we have a video by Martin Borden on the big screen – the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen – playing until early spring 2023.

The screen is located on the East-facing side of the Independent Building at Intersection of Broadway & Kingsway in Vancouver. The screening schedule can be found here, click on any day or time to view the schedule of when EartHand Gleaners- means of production- will be showing.

The film is approx. 34 minutes long, silent, and shows the 12 months of plant cycles and stewardship unfolding from August 2021 to July 2022.

Thank you to Vancouver Park Board: Decolonization, Arts and Culture and the generous community donations that made this film possible!

Other opportunities to see MOP onscreen include the two seasonal walkabouts with Oliver Kellhammer offered in the Spring and Fall of 2022, both are on our YouTube channel for home viewing and can be found here:

May 2022

September 2022