2015 Summer

Summer 2015 Foundation Level Retreats

Summer Food and Fibre Walk

Wednesday July 8, 7-8.30pm

Learn to identify local city plants that are useful for food or fibre. Stinging nettle, plantain, fireweed, sheep sorrel and lambs quarters are all plants we might find along the way. We will share recipe ideas, the technique of harvesting invasive blackberry fibre for weaving, show samples of processed plants, and end the walk with a cup of tea made with locally foraged offerings. Guaranteed to be an enjoyable, entertaining and educational experience for all. option 1 pre-requisite for Foragers Basket Workshop

Rain or Shine. Departure from Trillium North Park

Instructors: Sharon Kallis & Rebecca Graham

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Urban Weaving Basic Skills Mix*

Thursday July 16 7-8.30pm

An introduction to basic weaving & handwork skills using what you can find in your own environment. These sessions are not product focused, but demonstration-based and allow hands-on time for learning core weaving skills. Skills we’ll cover: splitting, plain weave, twining, finished edges.  option 2 prerequisite for Foragers Basket Workshop. Instructor: Sharon Kallis

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Added Class!

as the July class sold out- we are offering this one again on

Thursday August 13 6.30-8pm

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Small Basket Diagonal Plaiting with Rebecca Graham*

Wednesday July 22, 6.30-9.30pm

Learn the secret to creating elegant, simple folded sculptural forms out of flat elements such as yucca, bark strips, and even felt & commercial wood veneer. Diagonal plaiting in this manner has been used in traditional weaving in places as far distant as Scandinavia and Russia, using birch bark, to SouthEast-Asia, using palm fibre and bamboo. *pre-req. for Diagonal Plaited Shoes – Fall 2015 workshop. Instructor: Rebecca Graham,

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Summer 2015 Intermediate Level Retreats

Foragers’ Basket

Saturday August 15 11am-4.30pm

Variously called ‘egg baskets’, ‘melon baskets’ and ‘rib baskets’, this versatile form is a personal favourite of the instructor. This woven form doesn’t need very much pre-planning; it can be made up as it goes along, put aside, and picked up again to finish, and its complex curvilinear forms are wonderfully expressive. A perfect basket for a distracted romantic! Bring a bagged lunch and snack. The time includes lunch break and quick afternoon stretch. pre-requisite: Urban Weaving Basic Skills Mix, Summer Food & Fibre Walk, or permission of the instructor. Instructor: Rebecca Graham, Includes materials

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left: Rebecca Graham Bike Basket, centre: Chloe Hight small forage basket, right: Helen Shim large forage basket
left: Rebecca Graham Bike Basket, centre: Chloe Hight small forage basket, right: Helen Shim large forage basket

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