Community Learning Circle at Seymour Longhouse 2018

We were honoured that this Community Learning Circle could be held at the Seymour Longhouse of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation.

We spent an afternoon tanning salmon leather thigh spinning nettle and linen for making nets; learning bow drill fire starting, carving, and other traditional skills. Most importantly, we spent the afternoon together. We were honoured to have guests from near and far join us, bring gifts and things to share, and fill the longhouse with good feelings and a sense of purpose.

Special thanks to Keith, our Longhouse Host, and Iris, our caterer; to Tracy Williams for bringing it together, to our facilitators Delmar Williams, Janey Chang, Michael Mayr, Michael J. McCarthy, David Gowman, and Karen Barnaby

So many good feelings, so much gratitude to be there and be together…

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share yesterday perfect venue, and in this I am always finding ways to express 94 Calls to action this fit nicely in; “Education for Reconciliation”. For me as the whalebone carver guy venturing in to textiles; as most of my tools made from the jaw bone have been  precontact- weapons.  It was wonderful to see a 2 children work the Spindle;  to see the delight in spinning wool was truly inspiring.
The connections made were great; I have made a trade agreement with one other presenter; and had a delightful conversation from a person from MOA who will make attempts for me to get a hands on look of tools from my Nation (Nuu-chah-nulth) as most of my art has been a take on visits to MOA and on line for dimensions of the piece I am re-creating.
For me personal was getting the experts to comment on our Spindles and carving the adjustments on site; I can now say I am more knowledgeable after many hands have touch our work; so now back to the drawing board to make even better spindle whorls! 
~ Michael
I was so thrilled to be a part of the day on Sunday, and was buzzing from the amazing vibe from the day! People were so curious and hungry for knowledge and for the experience of using their hands and to learn the old ancestral ways of living. I was pleased to see the principal of my school attending with is daughter, along with the District Principal of Aboriginal Education and the Assistant Superintendent of the North Vancouver School District. Some of my friends traveled hours to come to the event and many more of my friends came due to the power of social media. There were so many children that were engaged in making friction fires for hours on end. I had many great conversations that day and learned a tremendous amount as well and wished i could have been a part of the other activities! I left the event feeling so inspired to continue this work and to keep doing the things that make us human and alive.
~ Janey
It was so inspiring to be a part of that amazing celebration. Everything about it was perfect. I left feeling so grounded and connected. Thank you so much for sharing it so that we could come. It was so powerful for me to be able to see ancestral skills passed around from many cultures and to see the similarities woven throughout. Sharon at the nettle weaving table mentioned that Nettles have been used by her ancestors in Ireland and by the peoples of this land.  And you pointed out that your remembering skills from your ancestors in China and learning from the practices of other cultures too.. It was all magic! Please do share my feedback and give a tremendous warm thank you to the folks at the Land and Sea Project and please do let me know if more happen and if I can be of service.
What an incredible opportunity to be able to enter the Seymour Longhouse and take in the sounds, smells and culture of the First Nations people.
I enjoyed very much learning about salmon leather, how to tan it with hemlock bark and oils.  It is a long process which made me appreciate it even more.
Another unique experience was to learn about stinging Nettle, and the process from plant to fishing line.
There was different traditional foods and teas available for all to enjoy, and instruments that I have never seen nor heard before.
Along with my daughter, we walked away with the warmth, calming energy lasting campfire smell all around us.
I would love to attend another community event such as this.
~ Stephanie 

This event occurred Sunday, February 25, Noon- 4pm, at the Seymour (Chay-chil-whoak) Longhouse, 320 Seymour Boulevard

EartHand gratefully acknowledges Land & Sea project support from: