Introducing our Stewardship Coordinator!

We’re thrilled to have Jaymie Johnson officially begin in March as our stewardship coordinator for Trillium Park and Means of Production Garden. Until now this position  has been a volunteer role played mostly by Sharon, which she refers to as ‘garden triage’.

We are excited about this for many reasons, one being that we can now offer a weekend stewardship opportunity at each site once a month for 10 months, and the gardens will benefit hugely from this dedicated time!
You can sign up for a free space to learn all about the crops with Jaymie on Eventbrite in March at Trillium or MOP.

Jaymie has 20 hours a month from March to November, and this includes a floating session each month for a school group or other interested collective of individuals. Do you know school groups that might want to come learn about permaculture principles connected to growing art crops, help spread wood chips and assist with other glamorous and necessary tasks in the gardens? Contact Jaymie at earthandsteward(at)

Keep your eye on our events calendar for monthly sessions labelled Stewardship.

20170831_170717Jaymie Johnson is an interdisciplinary artist for whom site-specificity, social and environmental impact, and research through observation, experimentation, and collaboration are integral to the material form her practice takes. She uses a variety of media to explore the connection between art, ecology, and community, including plant materials through fibre processing and community engagement. Jaymie’s background includes studies in permaculture and practice in sustainable urban agriculture both globally and locally. Since graduating with a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University in 2015, she has worked on numerous community-engaged and environmental public art projects as a member of the chART Collective and as Project Assistant with Border Free Bees. She continues to expand her fibre processing knowledge through projects and activities with EartHand Gleaners Society.