fleece and flax time!

As a part of supporting our local fibre shed, for the first time ever we are offering connection for fibre folk to fleece from Barnston Island (near Pitt Meadows) and Marylin flax seed we have brought in from Pennsylvania.

we are going to visit Susan and the sheep… this time with a car-so why not come home with a trunk  full of fleece?20170907_162150.jpg

These Gotland cross sheep are raised with love by Susan Russell, who is herself a spinner. These fleece are from 2017 first shearings (the virgin fleece was shorn twice in first year). Note: fleeces are skirted, unwashed, straight off the sheep! Great for spinning in the grease or washing and dying.

Petunia’s fleece: 4 lb, white, 6” staple, loose crimp (3 crimps:1”)$37

Lile ‘s fleece: 4 lb, white, 4-6” staple sold

Flax Seed: packaged in 2 oz packs for a 50 sq ft plot ( a 5 x 5 ft area) $8


Sharon will be at Trillium on:

Tuesday April 24 from 6-8pm and Saturday April 28 2-3pm

… for those asking, the sheep photo is not Petunia and company, but random roadside sheep in Ireland- we will have photos of Susan’s sheep to post soon!