Baba Yaga’s Slippers

MacLean Park Fieldhouse, 710 Keefer St. @ Heatley, Strathcona
2 Monday nights 2019 Feb 25, Mar 4, 6-9pm
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This workshop using the diagonal plait technique is challenging but extremely rewarding, and gives participants a pair of slippers unlike anything else in the woven world. Starting off with paper samplers to understand how diagonal plaiting works, participants are encouraged to supply their choice of materials and colour for final product (ie/ felted sweaters, leather, bark or other flexible strips). Heather brown commercial felt and fur trim will be available (feature photo shows shoes made of salvaged cherry bark strips). Participants should expect 4-6 hours of practice weaving time and material prep between classes to complete on second session. Bring your dinner. Course fee includes handouts and some materials. 

Instructor Rebecca Graham learned this technique thanks to Russian master basket weaver Vladimir Yarish’s book, Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark, highly recommended. Thanks to @ladyursus for suggesting the colourful workshop title.