Oil-Tanning & Talk with Lotta Rahme

Trillium North Park, Malkin @ Thornton, Strathcona
2019 Sunday 7 April, 1-4pm
All tool use and materials included

We are delighted to welcome the world-renowned tanner Lotta Rahme to Vancouver! Whether you’re a beginner or have been making leather for a while (perhaps intimidated by how tough it is to soften oil-tanned skins?), this is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make gorgeous, light-coloured leather in a single day using grocery store supplies, with the guidance and insight of a highly experienced artisan. Lotta will share her research about fish leather from all over the northern hemisphere, and lead participants through oil-tanning a skin to take home. Lotta’s week-long workshops in Sweden regularly sell out months in advance, and her book Fish Leather Tanning and Sewing is EartHand’s recommended resource book.