The EartHand Weaver: basic basketry with invasive species and garden clippings 2019

MacLean Park Fieldhouse, 710 Keefer St. @ Heatley, Strathcona
2019 Monday March 11, 6-9pm
All tool use and materials included
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EartHand is famous for our use of invasive species and garden clippings in basketry, thanks in large part to Sharon Kallis & Todd DeVries’ work leading The Urban Weaver Project.
This is an introductory workshop for those new to the practice and a brush-up for those who haven’t woven in a while and would like to get back into it — especially for those of you interested in the Commuters’ Pack Weaving workshop later in the spring!

We’ll cover harvesting, storing and preparing different commonly-available materials, how to start a basket, how to do twining technique, and make small ivy baskets to take home.
You’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for both the basketry skills of our ancestors, and the generosity of our local weeds.

Participants are welcome to bring their own tools, such as secateurs, utility knife like a small boxcutter, and/or garden scissors, if desired.

Instructor: Rebecca Graham