Wood burn out spoons!

We are super excited to have Delmar Williams back to teach with us this winter!

Delmar is an incredible skill and knowledge holder and time working with Delmar is always worthwhile. This session is very special, Delmar is bringing his portable wood burning stove, we have a fire permit for the afternoon, and get to enjoy each others company for a winter afternoon around the fire learning carving principles with a common camping knife and finish the spoon bowl by coal burnout! Class is Saturday afternoon Feb. 8th, cost is $68 and includes old growth cedar provided by Delmar and a knife for class use. find out more and register here https://earthand.com/events/cedar-spoon-carving-with-delmar-williams/

Delmar Williams is from the Squamish and Lil’wat Nation. He has grown up within his community and with  elders who still speak their traditional language and sing traditional songs. As a child, his family would fish the Fraser River every year to sustain themselves through the year. He carries the ancestral name of Banksht from his mother’s family and  the name Xwepilkinem (his father’s ancestral name) which refers to the man who slayed the two headed sea serpent. He continues to learn and grow his knowledge around ancient technologies and ways of knowing.

Delmar is a Big Game Hunt Guide in northern British Columbia and has worked with Outward Bound Canada as a professional guide for several years. Most recently, he has taught with the Seymour Longhouse program where instructors teach fire, cooking with fire, building tripods; making slahal sets (traditional native gambling game); hide tanning; basketry; and plant gathering.  In the North Vancouver School District #44 he teaches high school students about wilderness survival, fire by friction, and ancient technology.