Living Soils Workshop with Jo Tobias

We are super excited to bring in a soil expert to aid in our understanding what happens under our feet in the garden!

This workshop gets into soil theory, then takes us through putting theory into action focusing on areas between the willow and hazel currently suffering with erosion issues at the MOP garden

Saturday April 25th 9am-5pm

Trillium North Park and Means of Production Garden

$70- no stewardship credits are required for this workshop

register here

This full day provides an intensive introduction to the fascinating and intimate relationship between plants and soil and  integrates both theory and practice into the day. Participants will learn how to boost their garden’s health by supporting the ecological processes that living soils provide.  Learn how to amend your soil by teaming with the microbes in properly-made compost and compost extract. Develop a better understanding of plants, roots and soil interactions.

 The morning begins with theory and soil intro at our Trillium North site and after lunch the practical component will include preparation and planting of one of the sites at Means of Production Garden. The day includes two short breaks and a break for lunch and travel from 12noon-1.45.

Please bring something to share for a potluck lunch

The two sites are about 15 minutes apart by bicycle or 10 minutes by car-  registrants will be contacted 3-4 days prior to workshop to best coordinate travel options for the group. Trillium North Park is located on the southern edge of Strathcona, MOP is located in Mount Pleasant on the western edge of North China Creek Park

Thank you to Vancouver Park Board: Arts Culture and Engagement for partial sponsorship of this program.

About the Instructor: Jo Tobias is a regenerative soils consultant, permaculture practitioner, educator, and owner of RootShoot Soils. She has been training under Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web for five years while working directly with farmers to regenerate the life in their soil. Find out more at www.