A coat cut- the nettle braid project

Sharon is working on a nettle garment, and hopes for your company working alongside her virtually.  When we  make for ourselves, are all those who have taught and shared with us not alongside as well?

In the spirit of community labour, Sharon and Amy invite you to join them online for these mid sized groups ( 12 places)

4 sessions- weave and braid at your own pace, have a chance to see how the nettle braiding is progressing and enjoy virtual company of others, hosted by Amy Walker.

Sharon acknowledges BC Arts Council for the production grant that has made this project possible.

Free tickets to hold your virtual place and get the zoom participation link

May 25, June 8, June 15, June 22

About this project:

A Coat Cut is invocation and metaphor of precarious protection.

A Social Fabric is mitigation of the ravages gifted from industrialized consumption.

Everything about our clothing is relational; each garment a literal and metaphorical woven artifact that tells a story  of our  interdependence to others and this earth. 

Yet currently, faceless makers of our garments work  in far-off places and rising consumption levels seem a form of social hysteria.

But have humans ever been  able to clothe ourselves independently, sustainably? 

Many hands are required to stretch a leather skin, harvest the crop, shear and spin  wool. Perhaps someone else did the dying, weaving or sewing. 

An awareness of value, time, labour and resources existed for the daily objects we handled.

A Coat Cut: A Social Fabric is a work which proposes a response to our globalized reality through the technologies and methodologies of a past brought forward into the present. 

This  is a multi-disciplinary work encompassing:

  • contemporary craft and design – a wearable hand-made coat
  • social practice – skill sharing and cultural dialogue through hosted public events

documentary –  highlighting both skill holders and relationships that make A Coat Cut possible to make, featuring conversational dialogue from public events.