Adhoc Newsletter – Classes and more!

On-line or in-person?

Crafting together continues one way or another!

If there is one thing I am learning in all if this- adaptability is the key to my emotional resilience… making plans, changing them, then letting go and changing them again- all with grace and ease is the game of the day.
I still catch myself occasionally expecting to just go out the door to solve a problem, then realize I need to make an appointment to go in that shop, put in an online order, then wait until it is my turn to be served.

Does this look familiar… for those that still use paper?

But- Is it possible I am a kinder person now then I was 3 months ago? 
I certainly expect way less of myself and the world around me.
My patience is much higher, my awareness that others are struggling with daily challenges is heightened – everything goes through an internal filter now , and all of it so far for me has come out classed as a “champagne problem” in the grand scheme of things… the missed dental, doctor appointments and delayed  eye exam- were those life and death?

No, so no worries!

I hope I can hold this new perspective forward as we move into out next phase of life returning to (a new) normal. And, I hope for you, that your filter is also saying “champagne problem” and your own challenges have not been heightened to horrible stresses in the scale of life or death.

For EartHand- all my beautiful plans were tossed out the window, my day-timer has never been such chicken scratch! Can you relate?
I am actually enjoying just planning one week at a time- looking ahead no more then a few weeks, because… who knows?

Less planning based on where I THINK  the garden season will be at from experience, and more following both what the gardens and other opportunities tell me to do in the moment- and making stuff on the spot as offerings to share.
So with that, new opportunities for you to learn and explore on your own- with online support!
I wish you well and look forward to seeing you again- in person or online.
with best wishes,
Sharon Kallis


Super excited to have Amy go virtual on demonstrating felting on May 21st- check it out here

Weave Along Online Tutorial:

Sharon has created a weave along page to help get thru various steps to making a water bottle carrier and Karen Barnaby provided inspiring recipes for cold soups to fill those jars. Check it out here

Bonus! You can purchase a Gleaner’s Weaver Kit (while supplies last!)

for $25 and 1 future stewardship credit. Purchase here

Kit includes 35-40 yucca blades, 6 pineapple tops and several 4-5 ft canes of thick willow ready for bark stripping. Pick up your bundle at Trillium- Monday between 10am and 12noon May 18 or by arrangement.


Sara Ross created some beautiful content for us to share online since we couldn’t be with her in the garden. She has shared some background about bird language and the practice of having a sit spot to develop a connection to nature and awareness of seasonal changes. Take a look at this website post and see the links to the youtube videos and more.

  • Trillium and Means of Production Garden both have perfect spots for selecting as sit spots with good perching rocks situated throughout- the gardens are beautiful right now and visiting is encouraged! Sharon and David have been maintaining the gardens and keeping view points more open then ever to assure ease of spotting others and maintaining social distance while on site- read the garden stories below for musing from Sharon on time in the garden right now. 

Harvesting time!
Did you know, you can be gathering dandelion stems from long grasses after seeds are produced, spent daffodil stalks and false or dead nettle stalks? All of these plants are in  high number now, and chances are you find them in places people won’t mind you harvesting- ask neighbours about their daffodils! Just cut stems as long as possible and hang to dry until they wither, then they will be ready for  soft basketry weaving projects with a quick soak and wrap in a wet towel.
We hope we will be returning to small group stewardship sessions in later June, and should know more from Park Board soon!

Stories of the Gardens:

Both MOP and Trillium are really at their best this time of year- iris, lupine and centuria abound at either site. And best of all, the new growth greens everything up, revealing “new” view corridors. The green is not so overgrown right now to hide the beautiful sculptural bones from  cropping and shaping as we tend the plants thru seasonal harvests.
Spending so much time with David alone in the garden this spring has really brought home that perhaps the MOP garden and hillside is our legacy. This spring we have really taken on big projects; David has done in a day what we talked about for 10 years- he  leveled the terrain at one of the lower fruit crop rows making it so easy to navigate, and the crop is now a raised bed!
I have been working on extending pathways, opening up beds and weaving new fences- there is also what we call, “the beach” a fantastic new raised area between hazel and and willow, a platform for now until it is ready to plant. Seriously, go to Means of Production- you will be amazed at what is happening!