The Gardens Right Now…

Means of Production Through January and February- harvesting willow, hazel, ash and early pruning of apple trees and thimbleberry bushes, fence work begins! Crocus, snowdrops are underfoot, daffodils are blooming and the golden plum trees are about to pop.

Trillium North Park through January and February- trimming willow, roses, snowberry, tending nettle beds and planning began for redesigning the sedge zone. The planted zone is full of birds and its a lovely spot to sit on a rock and listen. Underfoot find young yarrow, lupin and nettle just poking up from the soil.

Thank you to all of our community stewards in each garden! The groups currently meet online to discuss work, then go and work on their own.

We look forward to when provincial guidelines allow us to gather on site again in groups, and then will open the stewardship to new members.