Weaving Our Community SkillShed: Tending Our Community FibreShed

Leaping from Rebecca Burgess’ ground-breaking book FibreShed (published2019).

From that FibreShed perspective we identify our unique ‘Shed’ and bring Coastal Indigenous perspective to the centre of the work.

Neighbour stewards, Master Gardeners, young art students, university educators, First Nations knowledge and skill holders, and other individuals teach and learn here side by side.

 The garden transforms – a teaching site fostering understanding of the land and plants from a horticultural and ethnobotany perspective; opening up dialogue- furthering our steps of Reconciliation.

The sedge zone is a somewhat neglected area and is the area of our focus. We hope to improve the planting and design of this area. more weaving grasses and other intertidal-found plants -encouraging a ‘new’ interest in using the sedge for weaving and making this a vibrant area of the park.

This project will inspire through hearing guest speakers discuss other supportive fibre shed communities and deepen our understanding of the plants and the restoration work we do- reconnecting our human hands to the plants around us.

Thank you to our community partners:

Vancouver Master Gardeners

Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship :Emily Carr University

check upcoming community events often to see what’s next.


We have 8 copies of Rebecca’s FibreShed book to circulate through the community for short loans if are unable to purchase your own copy. Please reach out by email to earthandgleaners(at)gmail.com with BOOKSHARE in the title, we will get back to you as soon as we can and let you know a rough time estimate for your loan. Thanks to Shumka Centre for book purchase! All books picked up and returned to Trillium North Park as arranged.

Thank you to Vancouver Park Board: Neighbourhood Matching Funds which have made this project possible!